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27th February 2013

I thought I'd add another picture of a copper and silver box I've made - I still think there's potential there however I am not happy with the finish on the copper. I can't seem to get it to the perfect colour. 

Ah well - perhaps in another few months I'll come back to this and get it right!

28th August 2012

My latest ambition/project/experiment is in the field of automata. I have been thinking about how much I want to create small objects with moveable parts which allow interaction. Hopefully they could be small enough to be worn, and they need to be simple enough for me to make! 

My first experiment is shown below. It is a little device with a crank handle which when turned, turns the fan like thing in the middle. It was purely a design to test whether I could make something turn like this so in that sense it is a success. The next step is to make something a bit better! I do have an idea with a slightly more complex turning mechanism in mind and a proper design so watch this space..... (although it may be a while yet until my creation materialises)

9th July 2012

Today I have spent the day working on making a box and I have really enjoyed myself! I have heard the phrase 'a bad workman always blames his tools' but to be quite honest I think you need the right tools for the job or it becomes nigh on impossible to achieve good results.  I recently *finally* bought myself a proper Sievert jeweller's blow torch and gas bottle in order to be able to make bigger items and boxes, and the expense has paid off as today's attempt at making a larger box from copper was much easier than previous attempts with a small DIY torch. The smaller torch couldn't get the metal hot enough for the solder to flow however the bigger one works a dream. 

old torch
new torch  

making the hinge

 ta daah! 

This is only the second hinged box I have made. The hinge is a bit loose and it is a very simple design but I am very pleased with how it went, and am already looking forwards to developing my skills and making some fantastic little boxes.

Well this is the first of a few pictures I hope to put up here to show a little bit more about how the pieces of jewellery are made and what goes into designing and making my collections. I'll write a few words about what's going on in the pictures so they make some sense!

Silver acorn idea - this was made a couple of years ago during a time I was experimenting with acid etching. I decided it's not a process I particularly enjoy and haven't done any since although I just love this little acorn design. The marks on the underside of the cup were etched, then the piece was oxidised, but that's as far as I went with this.

Working on the dunnock brooch. The top sketchbook shows ideas similar to the acorn shape in the above image. The bottom sketchbook is where I record what I'm doing so that if it works I can remember how to do it again. This is great as long as I actually remember to write it in the book in the first place!

 ahhh pliers and wire :-D

This is a very recent image (April 2012) of silver and copper boxes I'm working on. For a long while now I have wanted to make little boxes or lockets or both. These are my first three attempts, two open by pulling apart and the third has a hinge. A HINGE!  I will update this page when I have more news on this project.

 Here I am a year or so ago with brown hair. If you've met me you may have noticed that this changes quite often!

Below is a great example of procrastination.

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